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Fire Meetings: Every Monday at 6:00.  All are welcome.

About Us


We pledge to perform our duties with courage and dedication. We also strive to be active in our community and proactive with public education and prevention campaigns. Together, we are the frontline defenders of our home, forging a safer, stronger and more resilient community through our tireless commitment to service education and preparedness.


The Stronach Township Fire Department is a community-focused, value-centered, and progressive fire, rescue, and emergency services organization. The Stronach Township Fire Department achieves its mission and vision by building upon a system of values and principles. We uphold professionalism as our core value.

Providing fire and emergency medical services since 1970.

We are a team of passionate, highly trained professionals committed to serving Stronach Township and its surrounding areas. Our members are your neighbors, friends, and family, united by a shared commitment to protecting and safeguarding our community.

Our Fire Department delivers top-tier emergency response services, with our firefighters demonstrating excellence in all aspects of fire prevention and life safety.


Highly Skilled Firefighters


Experienced Fire Staff


Round the Clock Alarm Response


Offering Professional Services for Businesses


Characterized by Proficiency and Integrity


Cutting-Edge Fire Suppression Methods


Delivering Cost Effective Services


We prioritize the safety of our community, our team members, and ourselves. Every action and decision is guided by a steadfast commitment to preserving life and property.


We strive for excellence in all aspects of our service. From fire suppression to emergency medical response and community outreach, we are dedicated to delivering the highest quality assistance with professionalism and compassion.


We value teamwork as the foundation of our effectiveness. We foster a culture of collaboration, mutual respect, and trust, recognizing that the strength of our team is essential to achieving our mission.

Unwavering Commitment

We believe in providing the best possible service to our community. We accept the responsibility of striving to safeguard and preserve life and property from the elements of fire and disaster. We will disseminate our knowledge and skills with our contemporaries. We will never allow personal feelings or danger to prevent us from performing our duties as a humble, competent, and a well-trained, efficient team.


We are dedicated to building a resilient community. Beyond emergency response, we actively engage in initiatives that promote community preparedness, education, and overall well-being.


We approach every interaction with empathy and compassionate care. Whether responding to emergencies or engaging with the community, our actions are guided by a genuine concern for the welfare of others.


We embrace a culture of continuous learning and improvement. Through training, education, and staying abreast of technological advancements, we aim to enhance our skills and adapt to ever evolving challenges.

Integrity & Accountability

We uphold the highest standards of integrity and accountability. Our actions are transparent, and we take responsibility for our decisions and their consequences. Trust is paramount in everything we do.

Welcome Message from the Fire Chief

On behalf of the men and women at the Stronach Township Fire Department, I would like to welcome you to the Stronach Township Fire Department webpage.

Our mission is clear: to respond swiftly and effectively in emergencies, ensuring the safety and well-being of our residents. From battling blazes to providing emergency medical care, from responding to natural disasters to community education, we are your go-to resource for all things related to fire safety and emergency services.

We hope that this website serves as an interactive hub and resource center for residents, businesses, and community groups. We hope you find our website informative and user friendly. Please feel free to (contact us hyperlink) and check back frequently to find updated news and important information.

Your Stronach Township Fire Department serves a base population of 834 people (as of the 2020 U.S. Census). Our residents are spread across the 55.7 square miles that make up Stronach Township, the second largest township in Manistee County.

While these population figures may seem small, it is not an entirely accurate representation of the numbers of people living, working, or traveling through our community and township at any given time.

We have two stations, one located within the Village of Stronach on 2471 Main Street and the other located on the Southeast Corner of M-55 and Skocelas Rd. Between the two stations we have 6 pieces of apparatus to support our fire and EMS response capabilities: Squad 115, Engine 111, Water Tender 114 (are all housed at Station 1), and at Station 2 – Water Tender 112, Utility Pick-up 117 with both wildfire capabilities as well as EMS capabilities, and ATV 117A (All-terrain-vehicle) which we utilize for off-road, remote rescue, and wildfire responses.

At the heart of our community, the Stronach Township Fire Department is more than just a group of dedicated individuals; we are your first line of defense in times of crisis, your trusted guardians in moments of need, and your partners in safety and building community resilience. 


Command Officers of Stronach Township Fire Department

Fred LaPoint

Fire Chief

After a 40 year plus career as a
professional firefighter paramedic, joined the ranks of Stronach’s Fire Department serving as a Driver Engineer-Paramedic, Captain-Paramedic, and being named as Fire Chief Paramedic September of 2023.

Randy Stoykovich

Assistant Fire Chief

35 years previous served as Chief, Interim Chief, and Captain and is also a licensed Medical First Responder.

Clarence Szymanski

Assistant Fire Chief

EMS – 39 years. Clarence has served as Assistant Chief for years as well as Captain and is also a licensed EMT.

Tom Lijewski


Currently the longest-serving member of the department at 52 years has served as a Firefighter and first responder.

Walt Froncek


The second longest serving member also with 52 years. Walt has served as Captain, Fire Chief, and also as Stronach Township Supervisor. Walt is a licensed Medical First Responder.